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Complete Line of Landscaping Services Including:

  • Trimming and pruning (shrubs, hedges, small and medium trees.)

  • Weeding

  • Spring, summer and fall clean ups, customized to specific landscapes but generally including: Weeding,

  • trimming, Pruning, edging, debris removal, fertilization, pesticide treatment and

  • mulch application.

  • Garden service

  • Annual and perennial plantings

  • New beds

  • New designs and plantings

  • Pesticide applications

  • Fertilizer applications

  • Small hardscape patios and natural stone or cut brick retaining walls

  • Sod and seed preparation and installation

  • Small and medium tree removal

  • Stump grinding

Lawn Service

Seasonal contract with established monthly payments May – October

Lawn season dates (generally) – Last week in April until the first week in November

Service includes lawn mowing, trimming, edging and blowing off of surfaces

Serviced on same day each week (weather permitting).

(Service is “As needed basis”, generally weekly service unless the grass is deemed too short to service. (

see attached lawn service contract terms at bottom for more info into service.)

Snow removal

Four different offerings – Commercial sidewalks, plowing for small and medium commercial, residential driveway service, and local full service.

Driveway Service

Residential driveway service – Serviced with plow or snowblower depending on area.

$300.00 - $350.00 per season

Full Service

Available only in select Tonawanda areas currently, includes full driveway, sidewalk,

sidedoor, front or back porch with path, mailbox and garbage can area.

$450.00 - $500.00 per season

Commercial plowing

Specific terms can be applied.

Commercial sidewalks

Plazas, businesses, etc. This service is also subcontracted out to other plowing companies.

We discuss specific terms as needed.

General terms include – 2” minimum, Season dates from November 10th to April 1 st .

All properties are marked/ staked out before service.

Select areas in Tonawanda are serviced with snowblower and are eligible for full service.

(Please see snowblowing page)

Complete Service

This is an annual contract that includes any needed services throughout the year, paid

on a monthly basis.


This would include 4 - 5 landscape maintenance visits, weekly debris

removal, lawn service and lot/ driveway blowing, lawn and shrub fertilization plus any needed

overseeding, and snow clearing from property and sidewalks with salting, if applicable, during

the winter.


“We keep the property in top shape with problem free service season to season.”

Custom terms and services are applied depending on property type.