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Bulk Materials & Yard Waste Recycling Center

Red Rose Landscaping will soon be offering bulk materials for sale. Located on River Rd in Tonawanda, just 1/4 mile west of Niawanda Park and Two Mile Creek Rd.


Contractors can set up an account to receive reduced rates
and loading during off hours. 


Chocolate and Ultra Black Dyed Mulch

Ground hardwood mulches that have been applied with an E.P.A approved coloring. These mulches are safe for any landscape application and hold their color mulch longer than Natural Bark mulch.

Please Note: Do not apply dye mulches to beds if there is going to be precipitation within 48 hours of its use to give the mulch ample time to cure and ensure long lasting color.
No refunds will be made to customers that fail to follow these guidelines.

Topsoil and Organic Compost

This consists of a screened mixture of Premium Topsoil, Minerals and All Natural Organic Dark Leaf Compost. Compost is locally made and quality controlled to ensure a nutrient rich product safe for your family and pets. It can be used in any landscape or garden. Other companies’ compost can be made of human or animal waste—Make sure you know where your compost comes from!

River Rock and Landscape Boulders

Multi-colored stones available in #2 size, about 1”. The stones contain various colors of: reds, grays, blues, tans and various speckled stones.

Choice landscape boulders are also available!

Bulk Rock Salt

Available during the winter months (November through March). We are available to load  almost 24/7 if you set up an account. 

Projected opening day is April 1st, 2021

Check back here for updates and special offers or click the button below to join our email list. Feel free to give us call with any questions!

Coming next year, we will start accepting and recycling yard waste. 

For a small fee, we will accept:

  • CLEAN leaves and grass clippings

  • dirt and sod

  • branches under 5” in diameter

  • wood over 5” in diameter but under 6’ in length,

  • landscape/bush trimmings and woodchips.

  • Loads must be separated into the categories listed and be CLEAN and free of non- compostable objects. 

5445 River Rd.

Tonawanda, NY 14150

Monday-Friday 8 am- 4 pm

Additional Spring Hours: Saturday 8 am-noon

We accept cash, check or credit card.  

Location and Hours:(opening soon)

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